ITANAGAR: located at an altitude of about 1,700 ft. above sea level between 93° east longitude and 27° north latitude. The Capital which houses the Raj Bhawan (the official residence of the Governor) has also other worth visiting places in and around Itanagar. These include the legendary Ganga lake (Gyekar Sinyi), Zoological Park (Chimpu), Buddhist Gompa, Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhawan a Premier Public School, North-Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (Nirjuli), Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum (Itanagar), Rajiv Gandhi University (Doimukh), government piggery and poultry farm (Nirjuli), and Government Fish Farm Emchi (Doimukh). Itafort (built in 14th-15th century AD), the famous archaeological site after which Itanagar is named is also located here.

TAWANG: apart from being the headquarters of Tawang district, is the abode of the 400 years old Monastery of Mahayana Buddhist. Located at an altitude of 10,200 ft above sea level, the Monastery is even today the focal point of spiritual life of the Buddhists of the region and still houses more than 500 Lamas. It consists of a huge complex with 65 residential buildings and a main temple structure. It is also the second largest monastery of Asia. Apart from Tawang monastery itself the area has number of other temples and is the birth place of the VIth Dalai Lama.


BOMDILA: the headquarters of West Kameng district located at the height of 8500 ft, has a lot of attractions for the tourists with its cool climate, apple orchards, artistic people, snow-capped Himalayan peaks and Buddhist Gompas.

This place has a tourist lodge, a craft centre displaying local crafts and a shopping centre where the visitor gets his first feel of the local version of Himalayan Buddhist life. 0 Local site-seeing to Dirang valley and the famous Sela Pass (13,700 ft above sea level) are thrilling experience for visitors on way to Tawang. The Orchid Research and Development Station and the orchidorium at Tippi and two other orchid conservation sanctuaries located pat Sessa and Dirang are worth seeing.


ZIRO: the headquarter of Lower Subansiri district at an altitude above 5000 ft is a pine clad plateau of scenic grandeur. It is considered as the most scenic and must go destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. Recently Ziro was included in the tentative list of WORLD HERITAGE SITE. It is famous for the vast Apatani plateau and its fish-cum-paddy culture. Also, you can visit the famous “LARGEST SHIVLINGA OF WORLD” at Ziro. A number of important developmental projects which include high altitude fish-seed farm and Ranganadi Hydel Project (NEEPCO) are located in and around Ziro. It is a fivE hours drive from the state capital, Itanagar.







BHISMAKNAGAR: in Lower Dibang Valley was once a stronghold of Chutiyas (12-16 Century AD). Excavations of ruins of ancient fort have revealed the high standard of civilization that once prevailed there.




MALINITHAN: near Likabali in West Siang district is a site of rich granite sculptures belonging to 14-15 century AD, the more important being Indra on Airavata, Surya on Chariot and the huge Nandi bull. The temple dedicated to Goddess Durga at Malinithan is built on the classical tradition of Orissa.

According to the local legend associated with the place, Lord Krishna carried away Rukmini the daughter of King Bhismaka, on the eve of her marriage with Shishupal. Krishna and Rukmini were welcomed here by Parvati with garlands. Parvati thus acquired the name Malini and the place Malinithan.


The iconic ‘axe’ at Parasuram Kund

PARASHURAM KUND: in the lower reaches of Lohit river is the legendary place where Sage Parashuram atoned for his sins. It is a place of pilgrimage and on Makara Sankranti day people in large numbers come to have a holy dip in the Kund.





NAM DAPHA: located in Changlang district, is famous for its wildlife national park. There are a large number of tigers and elephants in it and the white winged wood duck, a rare and iiendangered species, has been sheltered in the Park.